21st July 2023

Squib class yachts racing through the moorings in Burnham Week, colourful spinnaker sails filled by the strong southwesterly breeze. © 2018 Frances Franklin

Burnham Week is the premier East Coast Sailing Regatta  – residents and visitors will get the chance to witness the spectacular sight of yachts and dinghies racing through the River Crouch moorings or around the mouth of the adjoining River Roach.

On most days, the larger boats’ start line will be at ‘Pile House’,  a-15 minute stroll downriver, out beyond Rice and Cole Boatyard at the eastern end of town. The first race of each day starts at 12 noon.  Spectators enjoy sitting on the sea-wall to watch the colourful, skilful, cut-and-thrust of a sailing start line, organised by  a Committee Boat flying a large Burnham Week flag.

The dinghies also have a noon start, with the loud starting horns sounding from the Burnham Sailing Club, west of the town centre, on Saturday 26 August, Sunday 27, Monday 28 and Saturday 2 September. The added complication here is that the boats have to dodge mooring buoys as they jostle for the best starting position – it makes for a fascinating spectator sport.

There are quayside cafes and pubs on the high street and along the river front in Burnham, and the Riverside Park, just beyond (west of) the Burnham Sailing Club, features facilities including a skateboard park and two childrens’ playgrounds. The park, which is used by dog walkers, also has a picnic area with tables from which some of the racing can be observed – something for all the family.

© 2018 Frances Franklin

On the Bank Holiday Monday (28 August) there will be Pirates on the Quay at the Anchor Hotel on the waterfront.

© 2019 Nick Skeens

Burnham Week wraps up on Saturday 2 September, with an impressive and entertaining Firework Display, which typically starts at dusk, around 9pm (nautical twilight on that day), the fireworks launching from a river barge.

The fireworks are paid for by Burnham Week and Burnham Town Council.

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