Residents of Burnham on Crouch pay their council tax to Maldon District Council (MDC).

MDC adds this amount to its Collection Fund to be distributed to local government service providers.

On average, each £1 is shared in the following way:

  • Essex County Council – 71p
  • Maldon District Council – 11p
  • Essex Policing & Community Safety – 10p
  • Essex Fire & Rescue Authority – 4p
  • Parish and Town Councils, on average –  4p

For more detail on this, click on the link below.

Council Tax Explained – 2018-19

The Precept

The Precept is the term used for the amount of money given to Burnham on Crouch Town Council from MDC’s Collection Fund (see above).

The Town Council sets the precept at the end of each year for the following year, based upon past and forecast expenses.

For example, in 2018-19 the Council received £188,000

The table below gives this in a little more detail:

2017-2018 – £ 2018-2019 – £
Administration 92,800 87,450
Town Maintenance & Services 125,000 124,800
Income (29,800) (23,018)
Income Use of Reserves (1,232)
Council Tax requirement – how much we need 188,000 188,000

You will find more information on what Burnham Town Council spends the money on in the Finance  & Services section of this website.

For more information on council tax, including how to pay it, please click here.