Each year at the Annual Civic Reception, the Town Mayor presents awards to local citizens for their voluntary contributions to Burnham’s life and character.

There are two main awards:

  1. The Mayor’s Trophy for Outstanding Services to the Town
  2.  The Lifetime Achievement Award.

Below is a record of the Mayor’s Trophy and the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Click on the blue boxes, further below, for images and other prizes given for each year, starting in 2019.

You can also find out more about interesting Burnham people here, where you can also see how to nominate a person for inclusion on this website.



Previously Citizen of the Year – Awards presented for service in the preceding year (so, for example, St Mary’s were awarded their award in 2019 at the Civic Reception in March 2020).

2021 Dawn Wood
2020 No ceremony took place due to Covid
2019 Geraldine Denham-Hale, headteacher, & St Mary’s Primary School
2018 Joan Costello, headteacher of  Ormiston Rivers Academy / St Peter’s School.
2017 Cristina Franchi & Julia Mells – Dementia support
2016 John Hitcham & Iain Corbett
2015 Beverley O’Connor
2014 No & Nik Jay-Ryan
2013 Robin (Harry) Harrington
2012 Fiona Clegg
2011 Jeremy Hogben
2010 Walter Jenkins
2009 Rev. Tony Jones
2008 Tony Martin & Don Reynolds
2007 Ken Harris
2006 George Woodman
2005 David Stephenson


Previously LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT – awards presented for services in the preceding year

2021 Wendy Stamp
2020 No ceremony took place due to Covid
2019 Ray Kirkham, RNLI
2018 Sheila Nutt & the Railway Bridge Taskforce
2017 Tom & Joan Cooper
2016 David J McNeill
2015 Rev Tony Jones
2014 Brian Whitehead
2013 Jim Cousins
2012 Peter Layzell
2011 Bob & Jean Evans
2010 Reg Crouch
2009 Ron & Val Law
2008 John Randall
2007 David Gamble
2006 Cllr Rosie Buck
2005 Albert Groom
2004 Cllr Una Norman
2003 Gordon Peacock
2002 Jackie Richmond
2001 Mrs V Manning
2000 Not awarded
1999 Henry Potton
1998 Bob Melton
1997 Mrs Kate Crouch
1996 Mrs Maureen Cousins
1995 Mrs A Monks
1994 Mrs Jean Dubois
1993 Mr Bob Cole
1992 Cllr Ken Sarling
1991 Mrs I O Reid
1990 Mrs Josie Tunbridge
1989 Mrs L Wilsenhan
1988 Mrs Warwick-Smith
1987 Mrs E Barker

For more details of the Mayor’s Awards, from 2019 onwards, please click on the blue boxes below.