15th February 2024

The Town Council is not increasing its Precept request. Aerial picture by local resident Luke Engerfield

The Town Council has announced that it has not asked Maldon District Council (MDC) for an increase in the Precept, despite recent high inflation, and despite many other councils calling for increases of 5% or more.

The Precept is the amount of money paid to the Town Council each year by MDC from the council tax they collect from you. The Town Council uses the Precept money to pay staff, maintain Council assets, such as the Clock Tower, Providence Car Park and the council offices, and provide services and events for the town, among other functions.

The Precept, which the council requests from MDC, is based on ‘Tax Base figures’, themselves based upon what a typical Band D property occupier in Burnham pays in Council Tax. (For more on Band D, click here).

Most of the council tax you pay goes to Essex County Council and Maldon District Council. About 3p in every £1 of your council tax goes to town/parish councils. (Click here for more, or click on the document immediately below.)

MDC: Council Tax leaflet. 2023-2024

MDC provided incorrect Tax Base figures for 22/23 and 23/24, and so paid Burnham Town Council a rebate of £3,350.00. The current financial year precept for 2023/24 has been duly adjusted to £201,740.00.

This figure does not indicate an increase in the amount you pay in Council Tax. Our precept for 2024/25 will remain at £198,390, as per previous years.