19th March 2024

18 March 2024
Adult safeguarding referrals made easier with new portal
A new online portal has launched that aims to speed up safeguarding referrals and responses.

Individuals and professionals can now submit adult safeguarding referrals through a new online portal.

Around 120 safeguarding referrals come into Adult Social Care each day. Until now this has been via various channels including emails, telephone calls and website forms.

Referrals can include:

  • worries about the safety or wellbeing of a member of the public, family member or friend
  • suspected neglect or abuse
  • reporting an incident

The new portal is a central place to make adult safeguarding referrals. It will make  reporting quicker and easier with improved response times

Even though the portal is online, there will still be the option to call to discuss concerns through Adult Social Care Connects on 0345 603 7630.

Councillor John Spence, Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care said: “In an ideal world we would have very few people wanting to register safeguarding concerns. However, as all of us know, the world is not ideal. So while the council will always work with partners to reduce volumes, when there is a concern it is really important that residents and professionals have an easy and quick way to submit safeguarding concerns or referrals.

“The new portal will make the process much easier and faster, which will in turn help us work more efficiently behind the scenes.”

The portal can be found here: