3rd October 2023

The Burnham Carnival, held on Saturday 30th September 2023, was a great success. It was colourful, entertaining, featured very entertaining floats and was enjoyed by thousands despite the rail strike.

Our congratulations to all those who made the effort to participate in this great local tradition, and especially the the Carnival Committee, an excellent, dedicated, hard-working group of local volunteers who are really, really good at what they do. They deserve the town’s high praise.


Please click on the link below for the results of the various Carnival competitions, including rankings for shop window displays and the procession floats.

Carnival Results 2023


Below are a selection of photographs from the funfair and the day of the carnival, taken by Cllr Nick Skeens. Do please contact him if you want to use a picture or have one removed – you are free to use them but of course, it’s good to know who is using what, and where. The captions are written, in the main, as some sort of guide to people wanting to identify a picture or its content. Do please contact Nick if you have more information about the people, or the float, in the picture.

Aerial merry-go-round at the funfair on Riverside Park, which arrived the previous weekend
All the fun of the air
Maypole in the sky
Beautiful colours on a sunny September day at the funfair in Riverside Park
A busy West Quay on Carnival Day as people move between the high street attractions and the funfair
A packed high street
Packed high street – 2
The stalls attracted a lot of attention and did good business
Apple bobbing – a feature of carnivals and funfairs for time out of mind
People in sleeveless tops – probably the warmest Carnival day on record
Doing the Okey Cokey on the High Street. 1
Doing the Okey Cokey on the High Street. 2. the picture shows Bam Bam, a family entertainer
Doing the Okey Cokey on the High Street. 3
Busy High Street, looking west
Pete Crisp, local musician and sound engineer, leading the procession
Colchester Pipers
Happy face Jane
Air cadets on the march. 1
Air cadets on the march. 2
The first float – Send in the Dengie, a new community group in town
The first float. 2
Colourful collectors – all the money goes to local charities
First Burnham Sea Scouts
Sea Scouts. 2
The court of Ramsgate
The beauties of Ramsgate. 2
Street dancers – the Tilbury Twirlstars
Sweet Dream dancers. 1. Sweet Dreams by the Tortuga Crew – a local business
EandE dance group
EandE dance group. 2
Maldon Carnival Queen’s Court
Majorettes, dancers and twirlers. 1
Majorettes, dancers and twirlers from EandE danceMore of Sweet Dreams – the Tortuga Crew. Such drama and colour in this year’s festival
Among the most colourful floats of the entire procession
Northward lights
A local clothing/printing company, Stitch and Print, creates a sea serpent
Is the sea serpent made out of spinnaker sails?
the spinnaker sea serpent
… terminating in a jellyfish…
…. a pod of jellyfish…
Pink court – Braintree and Bocking Queens Court
Green dancers – the Witham Twirlettes
Green dancers. 2
‘I love rock’n’roll’. The Wannabes from Burnham
‘I love rock’n’roll’. 2
Visiting  Queen’s court from Great Dunmow
Visiting court from Great Dunmow. 2


The Victoria Pub – in carnival mood. 1
The Victoria Pub – in carnival mood. 2
The Victoria Pub – in carnival mood. 3
Knightswood care home float – demonstrating armchair exercise
The Chelmsford Crystals
Three queens from the Deal Regatta in Kent – having lost their float to health and safety…
The court of Basildon and Pitsea
The Limes Farmshop and Alllotments put on an amazing display
Andy Sadler of the Limes, most convivial
Limes and allotment produce
Allotment holders with their barrows of veg
Nick of the Limes
Allotment bicycle
Allotment flower girls
Allotment flower girls. 2
Wonderful costumes courtesy of the Allotments and the Limes
Rope skipping outside the library by the Dengie 100 Running Club
The skipping ropes were popular in the procession pauses
Barnyard float by Elmwood Equestrian Centre. Not unlike a scene out of the Wicker Man, or the Magus…
The colourful chicken from Elm Farm
Barnyard. 1
Barnyard. 2
Rubber duck in a bubble bath – by the Ducklings Mother and toddler group
The Royal Court of Witham
Wickford Queen’s Court – The Queen of Hearts at the Madhatter’s tea party
Bring on the bulldozers… The Hipsey family have long been among the most imaginative float-builders in the Carnival
The Hipsey’s impressive, imaginative display was as a comedic commentary upon proposals to relocate the town’s surgery on the outskirts of town, in a new development
Their proposed solution – a mobile operating theatre, powered by bicycles, which are, of course, environmentally friendly…
Onlookers are both bewildered and amazed
Burnham’s new ambulance service…
Little mobile houses demonstrating there is plenty of room in the middle of the high street for more development…
Not the name of a local development…
The Burnham rowing club
Black, purple and pink street dancers. – the Platinum majorettes
Black, purple and pink street dancers. 2
Black, purple and pink street dancers. 3
The Burnham Rowing Club puttin’ on the Ritz
The Burnham Rowing Club
Burnham County Primary School enacting Alice in Wonderland
Nightlight robbery
The local lifeboat float
RNLI mascot, Stormy Dan
Rampage – the Caribbean-style dancers from the Notting Hill Carnival as the glorious finale. 1
Rampage – the Caribbean-style dancers from the Notting Hill Carnival as the glorious finale. 2
Caribbean-style dancers from the Notting Hill Carnival. 3
Caribbean-style dancers from the Notting Hill Carnival. 4
Caribbean-style dancers from the Notting Hill Carnival. 5
Caribbean-style dancers from the Notting Hill Carnival. 6
And then, everyone went to the funfair… What a brilliant night!