6th June 2019

Fiona Clegg and Jane English after being elected Councillors on 5th June. © 2019 Nick Skeens

Longstanding local residents Fiona Clegg and Jane English have become Burnham Town Councillors.

It follows a co-option vote at the council meeting of Wednesday 5th June, 2019.

Both candidates have been very active in the parish, each heavily involved in the organisation and presentation of successful local events.

Fiona Clegg and Jane English were two of four candidates who volunteered to be co-opted onto the council following the elections on 2nd May, when insufficient candidates came forward for the election in Burnham’s North Ward.

Said Town Mayor Wendy Stamp: ‘we were so lucky to have four, really strong candidates come forward for this co-option process. It was REALLY hard to make the choice, but Councillors Clegg and English pipped the two other candidates at the post.’ She added that she hoped that candidates Tim Aves and Rosemary Rodgers would stay close to the council and ‘continue to do the wonderful things they do as volunteers for the town’.

Deputy Mayor Nick Skeens commented, ‘I don’t think Burnham has ever had such a strong council before, containing so much creative energy as well as economic know-how. This is a really exciting time for the town.’

To listen to the presentations, click here , scroll down to 5th June 2019 and move the play slider to around 15.30 when Fiona Clegg starts speaking. Jane English starts at 20.00 Tim Aves starts at 09.50. Rosemary Rodgers starts at 25.45.