3rd August 2018

Tommy Statue

Peter Baiden of the Burnham Royal British Legion, standing to attention beside the statue. © 2018 Nick Skeens

A statue to commemorate the Unknown Soldier, a Tommy from the First World war, was unveiled at 9.30am on Friday 3rd August, 2018.

It was installed outside the library.

[UPDATE – 6 Nov 2019 – the statue has now been moved – click here for more]

In attendance were the chair and vice chair of Maldon District Council (MDC), and town councillors  Vanessa Bell, Neil Pudney and Nick Skeens

Members of the Burnham Royal British Legion were also there, despite not being invited because MDC wanted an ‘intentionally low-key unveiling’.

To find out more about MDC’s initiative, click here.

Similar statues were erected all over the country.

© 2018 Nick Skeens