7th June 2019

View from the Riverside Park plateau down to the River Crouch in June. © 2018 Nick Skeens

Maldon District Council plans to offer more licences to community and commercial enterprises on Maldon’s Hythe Quay and Promenade and in Burnham’s Riverside Park.

It is part of MDC’s efforts to support tourism by encouraging growth in community and commercial events for both residents and visitors.

The new move is also thought to be aimed at helping address MDC’s growing problem of decreasing  revenue, a consequence of austerity cuts and the removal of central government grants.

The new system promises to be more efficient. Currently, granting licences for events in the park might require multiple ‘Temporary Event Notices’ (TENs).

Concerned that Burnham residents may be worried about more events, Riverside Park is expected to be granted far fewer of the proposed new licences than the Hythe and Maldon Promenade.

MDC assures Burnham residents that ‘the location, frequency, timings and scale of events will always be considerate of the event’s impact on residents.’

Possible events covered by the new licences include plays, films, boxing,  wrestling, sports plus dance and live/recorded music.

Other licences expected to be on offer include those for late night refreshment and the supply of alcohol.

MDC’s own licence application

MDC must first to apply to itself and Essex County Council for the right to grant these licences.

MDC is encouraging anyone who supports or objects to this proposal to write to:  Maldon District Council, Licensing Department, Princes Road, Maldon, CM9 5DL.

Alternatively, click on the following link to write an email:  licensing@maldon.gov.uk

The closing date is 5th July, 2019