10th June 2024

In a strategic move towards improving environmental sustainability and to bring greater efficiency to our collection service, Maldon District Council together with our contractor SUEZ recycling and recovery UK, have announced the re-routing of waste and recycling services effective from 23 July.

By revising our collection routes we will be able to streamline our collection processes and ensure a timely and reliable service for our residents.

The new routes will make collections more efficient and reduce vehicle emissions which will help reduce our carbon footprint.

Households will receive a new waste collection calendar on or just after 8 July detailing their new collection day which will come into effect week commencing Monday 22 July.

Our collection vehicles have also received new adverts about the changes to waste collections and these are out on the roads around the Maldon District now.

Further details of the changes to the routes will be available soon with social media updates, a new calendar delivered to every household, a dedicated webpage, (www.maldon.gov.uk/waste) and stickers on bins announcing the new collection day.

Richard Holmes, Director of Service Delivery at Maldon District Council, said; “We are re-routing refuse and recycling collections in the district to optimise collection routes, reduce carbon emissions, and support our contractor SUEZ in maintaining a good waste service for residents, ultimately contributing to a cleaner and healthier community. I would like to thank our residents, for their continued support as we work together to create a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future.”

Barry Dolphin, Contract Manager at SUEZ, said: “The upcoming re-routing of waste and recycling collections in Maldon will provide a range of benefits for both residents and the environment. “Our team is committed to delivering the most efficient service possible and we are pleased that the re-route will allow us to do this, while reducing our carbon footprint and enhancing quality. The re-routing will also help to future-proof the service in the longer term by taking into account new housing developments. We look forward to working with the Council and local community as we roll out these improvements.”