4th April 2019

The candidates have been announced for elections to councils in the Maldon District.

The election takes place on Thursday 2nd May.

Residents of  Burnham’s North Ward can cast their votes at the Ormiston Rivers Academy.

Residents of the South Ward can cast their votes at the Burnham Town Council offices.

Please click below to open the pdf file to read the names of the candidates:

Statement of Persons Nominated for Election

Burnham’s candidates for election to Maldon District Council are on pages 2 & 3.

Candidates for Burnham Town Council, South Ward, are about 3/4s of the way down the document.

There were only three candidates standing for election to the Town Council, North Ward. They were already town councillors and so will remain in office – no election required. Click on the link below for more, and scroll down to the 5th page.

Notice of result of uncontested elections


Only five candidates can be elected to each Burnham ward.

Therefore after the election, Burnham Town Council, which usually has 10 members, will only have eight.

This means that the Town Council may then vote for co-opting local residents onto the council to fill the two vacancies in the north ward.