To find out if flood warnings for Burnham are in effect, you can click here.

On that page, under Other Ways to get Flood Warning Information, they have their current telephone numbers to call.

To report flooding from the river, you can call the police on 101 or, if it is clearly an emergency, 999. You can also call the Environment Agency incident hotline on 0800 80 70 60.

For more information on why there is a flood risk in Burnham, click here.

Ditches and ordinary watercourses are the responsibility of MDC. Call (01621) 854 477 or email

Drains and gulleys on the edge of streets that have become blocked should be reported to by clicking here, choosing the right issue and then clicking through to locate the issue on the map. You should then get an option to report the issue.

Sewers: Blocked sewers or overflows of sewage and sewage flooding should be reported to Anglian Water on their 24 hour line 03457 145 145.

Or you can click here and then scroll down to ‘Water supply and sewerage service queries and emergencies’. You can then choose to have them call you.

Water Mains that are broken should be reported to Essex and Suffolk Water on their leakline 0800 526 337.

Or you can click here.

Sometimes they will fix leaks on your property supply pipes free of charge.

General Flooding issues: you can click here to get to Essex County Council’s information on flooding.